During the 00:00:00 you’ve spent on this site, Apple has sold and earned this much:

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Total revenue: $ 74,6 billion

Apple’s revenue during the final quarter grew by 30 percent to $74,6 billion. Apple stocks jumped more than 5 percent aftermarket.

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Total net profits: $ 18 billion

On average, Apple makes $8.3 million in net profits per hour. An amazing and up to now unrivaled number.

0 iPhones
74,5 million iPhones in total

The iPhone 6 is the device mainly responsible for the impressive result. Apple has sold 74,5 million smartphones. The iPhone now accounts for 69 percent of Apple’s total business.

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21,4 million iPads in total

The iPad on the other hand performed less well during the Christmas quarter. Sales dropped 18 percent to 21,4 million devices. The tablet market seems to have hit a rough patch after a steep growth initially.

0 Macs
5,52 million Macs in total

Mac computers are still performing well in a generally shrinking market. Around 5,5 million devices were sold in the last quarter, a minus of about 14 percent.